About Kentor

Founded in 1983, Kentor is a Swedish system integrator offering qualified sector- and business specialists, system development and IT-consultancy.

Kentor Saint-Petersburg has been active since 2005 is specializing on IT-consulting and different types of IT outsourcing: software development outsourcing, business application and infrastructure outsourcing through our data-centers in Norway and Sweden, database administering.

Taking responsibility for all parts of a complete IT solutions delivery, from analysis to deployment and maintenance, Kentor is targeting businesses basing on the principle “Making IT Easier”.

Today Kentor is a part of TeleComputing group - a fast growing provider of complete IT-services in the Scandinavian market. TeleComputing delivers market leading solutions in IT-operation, outsourcing, IT OnDemand and related SaaS-services (Software as a Service). TeleComputing group has 700 employees in 7 locations in 3 countries and approximately 800 business customers in Scandinavia. TeleComputing ASA has been listed on Oslo Stock exchange since year 2000.

TeleComputing group provides IT services to companies of all sizes and different business areas.

We are partners to the leaders of IT industry.




Kentor Saint-Petersburg phone: +7 (812) 325 13 00 email: ru@kentor.se