Strategy & goals


Helping businesses and organizations to enhance their competitiveness through the use of modern information technology.

Business concept

Kentor is an IT consulting company that takes responsibility for the development, integration and management of system solutions to large and medium-sized companies and organizations in the Nordic region. We utilize modern information technologies to create and realize ideas for developing customer's businesses.

Long term objectives

Kentor is a goal-oriented company with clear and measurable targets. We strive to make 100% of our customers happy with our service and 100% of our employees happy about working for us. Our main goal is to make our activity as profitable as possible both for our company and for our customers.

Kentor is...

Goal oriented

Kentor is a company governed by a well-defined goal and the process by which we select and implement what is important.

Business moral

In Kentor we have a high business morality. We will not succeed by cheating or taking shortcuts. We will proudly state that we have succeeded in an honest manner.


Kentor is open for continuous development and innovation of our business.


Kentor acts long-term. We perceive time as our friend and not as the enemy, growth must not be achieved at the expense of quality, our ambition is not to be the biggest but the best.

Good employer

Kentor is a secure and long-term employer that gives employees the responsibility and opportunity to develop.


Kentor is a company that always delivers and takes full responsibility, until our solution delivery makes real business benefit for our customers. We go the extra mile.


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