Our customers

Our customers are companies of different sizes, working in different business areas, in different countries.  But all of them have one thing in common - they want to have their IT as their competitive advantage. And we help them with this. 

We are concerned with long-time cooperation with our customers. We provide services for more than 800 business clients in Europe and Russia. While offering customers a wide range of IT-services the main goal for Kentor is always a customer fully satisfied with our solution.
Kentor specialists work in close contact with the customers providing solutions that meet their business needs in the best possible way. Kentor business model is based on the combination of great expertise within information technologies, deep understanding of customers’ needs and European quality level.

Kentor’s mission is to help businesses and organizations to enhance their competitiveness through the use of modern information technology.

Kentor St.Petersburg is working with customers from the following branches:

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Governmental organizations
TV broadcasting


Kentor Saint-Petersburg phone: +7 (812) 325 13 00 email: ru@kentor.se