European IT-outsourcing

Сut IT costs and keep IT easy, reliable, efficient. That's what we do for SMB.

By providing European level IT-outsourcing services, Kentor helps small and midsized business make its IT:

  • Cheaper
  • Easier
  • More efficient

By European serivce we mean complete care of your IT with European level of service and responsibility. This means you can forget about hourly pricing, number of visits, or work that is not included – you will get everything that is needed just done for a stable, predictable and competitive monthly fee.

Costs cutting and other benefits for your company

For different reasons it can be a challenge for SMB to efficiently, cost effectively and reliably manage their IT. Kentor’s IT-outsourcing is a solution that not only helps you make your IT your competitive advantage, but also helps you cut your costs for your non-core systems.

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How we do it

Basing on our experience, we define three main practices of working with our clients: remote, on-site and support.

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What we do

We undertake for your IT and we are constantly thinking of making IT easier, innovative, reliable and efficient for your business.

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Why Kentor

When choosing IT-outsourcing supplier, two most important things should be considered: 1. Supplier's reliability and reputation as you trust him with your information assets. 2. Service package, which you get for named price.

Kentor is is Swedish company, working in Scandinavia since 1983. Therefore in Russia we also provide European service and attitude for our customers. Basing on our experience, we usually do not narrow our service for SMB by offering limited number of visits, hourly prices, things that are "not included". Instead we offer complete care for your information systems.

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