Costs cutting and other benefits for your company

For different reasons it can be a challenge for SMB to efficiently, cost effectively and reliably manage their IT.

Kentor’s Premium IT Outsourcing is a solution that helps you make your IT your competitive advantage. We provide all of the computer consulting, network management, server management and PC support services needed for a predictable, stable and competitive fee.

Benefits of professional IT outsourcing over in-house IT staff:

  • Our services let small business cut IT costs,
    because total service cost is usually lower than total cost of employing your own IT staff.

    Example of real cost saving for a company with 15 users and one server.

    Costs for own system administrator for current support and maintenance: 

    • 35 000 RUB gross salary (before taxes)
    • 7 233 RUB - average income tax per month (with total income tax per year 86 800 RUB; income tax of 26% for 8 months and 10% for 4 months)
    • 2000 RUB - average costs for working place and equipment amortization

    Total costs for a system administrator:
    44 233 RUB. 

    Service agreement cost depends on many factors, like type of the server, computers' functional, but at the average cost for such ammount of users will be 28 000 RUB. 

    During VAT calculation you can get 18%compensation: 4 270 RUB.

    Thereby the total cost of a service agreement will be: 23 730 RUB.

    You save per month: 20 503 RUB.

    You save per year: 246 036 RUB.

    Besides real cost saving IT-outsourcing gives your company several other essensial benefits:

  • It makes your IT not dependant on one specific person
    who may one day suddenly quit, get ill, or just go to a vacation and thereby put your I and business processes at risk.
  • It gives you the abilities to get competence and experience in different IT areas when needed
    because service provider has specialists in different areas, while own IT staff can have limited competence.
  • It helps you to avoid a problem of finding right IT specialists
    because it can be hard to find competent enough, reliable and trustworthy specialist.
  • It gives you the ability to get competence in IT management together with technical skills
    because IT technicians can rarely be good managers, while it is required for analyzing your business needs, acting proactively and taking responsibility for the solutions.
  • It helps you concentrate on your core business
    and let professionals make your IT your competitive advantage.
  • It provides awareness and transparency of your IT costs
    because you know what you are paying for according to Service Level Agreement.


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