How we do it

We undertake for your IT and we are constantly thinking of making IT easier, innovative, reliable and efficient for your business.

Basing on our experience, we define three main practices of working with our clients: remote, on-site and support.

Remote work

Fast Internet channels affordable and spread nowadays have made it easy to perform majority of operations remotely with the required level of security, response time and efficiency. These operations include:

  • Routines – day-to-day operations required for keeping your IT environment in stable and predictable state. For example backup control, patching.
  • Emergency online support – if your users face a situation that requires any help from a technical assistant, it is possible to make a call and get a technician working with your problem on-line right on the screen as soon as possible. Usually it happens at the moment you call. For instance your mail program doesn’t seem to send e-mails – a technician will help to define the problem right in front of your eyes and most likely fix it without making you postpone your work while waiting for a specialist coming on-site.
  • Non-technical operations – except for supporting your IT environment we also care of your IT going in line with your business and meeting its needs. Therefore we work on plans and proposals on your IT development, we negotiate with third parties like your Internet supplier, we document your environment and our work. This is mostly done remotely.

It is remote work that helps us be really quick in solving most customers’ issues and helps customers get outsourcing cost saving benefits due to economy of scale.

On-site work

All the operations that cannot be performed remotely are performed by our specialist on-site. This work may include not only hardware operations, but also working with problems that have made your PCs/servers unavailable over network or any other IT issues to be solved at your location. For example you need to install new PC for your new employee or your laptop cannot be turned on.


Whenever your users need support they can request help over phone or e-mail. This can be a request for creating a new account or just need for advice in what format to save a file – you will get a fast and comprehensive help in Russian, English or Swedish.

With these three techniques we undertake for managing, supporting and developing your entire IT environment and make your IT do what it’s supposed to: help your core business run smoothly, efficiently and profitably.


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