Why Kentor

In Kentor we are constantly thinking of making IT easier, innovative, reliable and efficient for your business.

Kentor, being a part of TeleComputing group, is a Swedish-Norwegian company, delivering IT-services on the Scandinavian market for 25 years. Therefore we are willing and able to provide Russian customers with the same service level and attitude as we do in Europe, where IT-outsourcing market is mature and stable.

We know that it’s not enough just to have qualified IT personnel to provide good IT-outsourcing service. This is a service, and it takes more than that to keep customer satisfied: it takes attitude, it takes responsibility, it takes care.

Therefore by IT-outsourcing we mean complete care of your IT with European level of service and responsibility. Unlike most other providers and according to our motto “making IT easier”, we do not use complicated service delivery schemes and tariffs, but instead try to keep it simple for you. This means you can forget about hourly pricing, number of visits, or work that is not included – you will get everything that is needed just done for a stable, predictable and competitive monthly fee.

We know that when a company decides to use IT outsourcing, it doesn’t just agree to pay money every month. A customer provides the service supplier with access to some very sensitive information. We know that this level of trust should never be compromised. What makes Kentor different is not our tools, techniques or modes, but rather the deep and long term relationships we have with our clients, highest level of confidentiality, and ability to render impartial advice and counsel that benefits your interests.

Kentor East in St.Petersburg employs certified, qualified and experienced English speaking specialists. And by having more than 750 highly skilled professionals in different IT areas employed throughout the entire group in Norway, Sweden and Russia, we possess any sort of knowledge and experience that might be required in your IT development projects. We are Gold Certified Partners to Microsoft and among other we possess a proven competence of delivering solutions to small and midsized businesses.


Kentor Saint-Petersburg phone: +7 (812) 325 13 00 email: ru@kentor.se